showhome window decals
Client: Alldritt Homes, Edmonton, AB
Project: Showhome Window Decals following the company's corporate guidelines and branding.

Solution: I was required to use the existing company logo, colors along with the slogan and core statement, but other than that I had complete artistic freedom lol. I decided to repeat their company's letterhead footer which was the green hills with their logo as you see on the top left panel. There were a few variations that were tried out that in my opinion would have had a better delivery, but ultimately the client had final say. 
Vehicle decal design
Client: Dunwell Construction, Victoria BC
Project: To design truck decals while still keeping the vehicle classy and clutter free.

Solution: The logo was placed as big as it could on both main doors of each side along with the services outlined on each passenger door. The website and phone number were placed on the back of the tailgate. 
Rollup banner display design
Client: Joana Funk Realty, Edmonton AB
Project: To design a roll-up banner with her new branding. The client recently switched Brokers and needed to update her complete marketing collateral and promotional materials. She requested for her RollUp Banner to completed first. The top left picture is the previous design and the top right is the new design updated with her new logo and company information. 

Solution: I wanted to make her picture nice and big to make her recognizable and to clearly state what her services were and how to reach her. There was no need to over clutter the real estate (no pun intended) by adding addresses and social media as viewers can find it all on her website and or her business card. She was very pleased. 
bus bench display design
Client: Joana Funk Realty, Edmonton AB
Project: To design an ad for bus bench following specific sizes for print and for the wrap around of the bench.

Solution: I wanted to make her picture nice and big to make her recognizable. Her website and phone number are easy to find and the tagline indirectly tells people what she does. There was no need for much more extra info as people can easily call if they are really interested. 
I was also required to research bus routes and the best locations and prices as to where to place the ads. 

Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, layout design, Realty Industry knowledge.
light display sign
Client: Soular Clothing, Edmonton, AB
Project: Client needed a design for a light ad display in West Edmonton Mall.  

Solution: All pics were provided and the client required all the logos of the brands they carry to be displayed in the ad. 
My solution was to create a grid collage leaving a footer at the bottom to place their store logo and info as well as the rest of the brands
Large outdoor display sign
Client: CCMC, Edmonton, AB
Project:  To design an outdoor display sign for the company to display when they complete or while they are working on a building. Sometimes you will see these signs onsite or a few blocks away from the construction area.

Solution: I decided to implement a floor plan in the background with their logo and a basic statement. 
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